Shape your seasonal silhouette!

DressIt's Christmas time again (where did the last year go?!) and the season of joy and good will is well and truly upon us! Not only does the festive season promise piles of presents, reams of twinkling decorations and a schedule bursting with parties and gatherings, but it also means no escape from the mountains of food and the fountains of drink that we just know we can't say no to. So what do we do? This is the only time of the year where indulgence is not only accepted, but expected, and there is no way that we can kick start the healthy eating regime until all the leftover mince pies have been properly polished off check out this great recipe to add a personal touch to the most seasonal of sweet treats - yum!). My advice? Stop worrying yourself with any attempts to shift the seasonal weight (at least until January when the hard work starts again) and instead fake it 'til you make it with the most flattering festive pieces around!

To avoid the hustle and bustle of the high street Christmas shoppers, I decided to browse one of my favourite shopping sites,,  which presented me with a fantastic flourish of fun and flattering pieces for this, the most wonderful time of the year. It was here that I found a great selection of the number one staple item for any girl's Christmas wardrobe; a good old reliable pair of control pants. The illusions that these pants can create are astounding, and any lump and bump can be smoothed over with the right pair.

If you are still suffering from self-consciousness but you need to dress to impress for an upcoming glitzy party, then the correctly shaped dress will create a sexy and shapely silhouette every time. Try a gorgeous A-line, empire or shift dress, such as this stunning number by TFNC, which contains detailing around the bust to take the attention away from the waist, and which is of flattering monochrome colours. A-line dresses such as these accentuate the slimmest part of your torso, but flare out just in time to hide the stomach that you want to keep concealed, whilst the sides of a shift dress will slide smoothly down your body, skimming your hips but keeping your winter weight a safe secret. If you want to take extra care that absolutely nothing is on show, be sure to invest in a waist clinching blazer to really create a slim yet curvy shape.

Finally, there is no better way to conceal your unwanted weight this Christmas than with a snug and baggy festive jumper! One of these jumpers guarantees you a hidden stomach, unconditional comfort and timeless seasonal style, and you can find a cute and cosy selection of these winter warmers at So don't hold back this season – eat all the chocolate and drink all the mulled wine you want whilst creating the sexy silhouette that you dream of: it's a Christmas miracle!